Turn Used Books and Magazines Into Profits!

used book and magazine sellerIn this tough economy, we’re all looking to make some extra money or maybe start a new career.

More and more people are buying their books used instead of new, and they’re buying a lot of used books and collectible magazines online. As a result, selling used books and magazines online is one of the best “shoestring startups” that is easy to start for just a few hundred dollars.

To get you started and on your way in this exciting field, I’ve written two new books: Used Books Into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold. These easy-to-read guides can teach you the skills to earn a great income online.

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Click to preview this ebookUsed Books Into Gold
  • Where to find all the used books you can sell, right in your area.
  • How to guarantee a profit on each book you buy—before you buy it.
  • How to price your books for maximum returns.
  • How to sell certain books “one page at a time” for amazing profits.

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Click to preview this Grower's GuideOld Magazines Into Gold
  • How to find magazines for under a dollar each and sell them for 1,000% profits.
  • “Never buy these magazines!”: How to avoid the “dogs” and slow sellers.
  • The seven best-selling collectible product ads.
  • 14 authors, 24 photographers, and 28 illustrators that can double or triple the price of a magazine they appear in.

Order Old Magazines Into Gold

Used Books Into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold reveal the trade secrets of successful used book and magazine sellers to get you off to a good start. Both are an easy read, one you can do in an afternoon, and is designed to get you into business before you know it.

Selling used books and magazines online is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is possible to make a nice income. Maybe you can use that money to start a college fund for your kids or save up for that dream vacation. It’s up to you.

Best of all, it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. In fact, you could work an hour a day if you want. Whatever fits your schedule. It can be a great part-time job for working professionals or retirees looking to make some extra money and keep showing off that entrepreneurial spirit.

We’re all continually looking for a way to make some extra money or perhaps start a new career, and thankfully, Used Books Into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold can give you the skills to do just that. Soon enough your used books and magazines will be selling like hotcakes, and you’ll see the profits rolling in.