Are Old Magazines The Best eBay Niche Business?

Collectible Life Magazine

Collectible Life Magazine

Far too many eBay beginners make the mistake of trying to sell what everyone else is selling – the hottest, the latest fad or whatever is popular today or last week. It’s very hard to make money that way, as the competition is intense and profit margins are thin.

A better way to succeed is to find a “niche” where there are fewer sellers and a steady demand exists. eBay has made it possible for thousands of niche sellers to thrive because the eBay customer base is worldwide. Before the internet made e-commerce possible, sellers had to have a brick-and-mortar store or at least a printed catalog.

Today, you can sell unique products like collectible magazines out of a spare room, basement or garage. Your customers don’t care – they never see your “store”, just your online store at eBay.

Here’s why collectible magazines are the ideal “niche” business:

1. Profits are outstanding. Markups of 800% to 2,000% are normal. For example, it’s not uncommon to pick up old magazines at garage and estate sales for 25 cents each and sell them for $20 each on eBay. That’s an 8,000% markup!

2. There is an ample supply of old magazines available. Collectible copies of Life, Look, the Saturday Evening Post and more are readily available at bargain prices in almost every town. At it’s peak, Life magazine mailed over 8 million copies per issue. Many of those ended up in attics and garages, where they sit today, waiting for a savvy buyer to dust them off and list them on eBay.

3. Shipping is easy. Unlike electronics and other fragile items sold on eBay, magazines can be shipped in cheap bubble mailers costing pennies at low postal rates.

4. Boomers are buying “affordable nostalgia” that takes them back to their younger years. An issue of Life from the month you were born or growing up is still affordable at $20-$30. At those prices, anyone can afford to be a collector, or buy an issue as a gift for a friend or loved one.

With a solid collector base, limited competition and profit margins to die for, this niche is a natural for anyone looking for a steady, dependable income. A rarely-mentioned fringe benefit – collectible magazines have been steadily increasing in value for many years. One long-time seller maintains old magazines have done better than the stock market over the last 20 years! To learn more about this fascinating and profitable business, get a copy of Old Magazines Into Gold.