Can You Spare an Hour a Day? Here’s How to Earn an Extra $300 to $500 a Week – Buying and Selling Used Books Online

sell used books online

Used Book Business

Extra income is always welcome. Maybe something to put towards that college fund or vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. But really, you don’t have much time to get a second job. And besides, after work you want to just sit at home and relax. But what if you could make some good extra money and only work an hour a day? This is possible by selling used books online.

Selling used books is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It probably won’t help you finally be able to afford that island getaway. But it can definitely make you a decent extra income.

The best place to sell used books online is Amazon. They get a huge amount of web traffic, plus it’s simply very easy to sell books there. You find the book you want to sell, click on “sell yours here” and you’re in business. Just like that! At the moment, they don’t charge any signup costs or fees until you sell a book, and those fees aren’t too high either.

Assuming you’re not selling books from your personal collection, you’ll need to buy some books. Estate sales, garage sales, and library sales are a great place to get a large number of books for reasonable prices. You can often get a whole box of books for under a dollar each book. In most cases the people running these sales simply want to get rid of items. They’re not necessarily concerned with making a huge profit, and are probably thrilled to get rid of an entire box of books.

Some of the best books to sell include: cookbooks (specialized ones are very popular, such as ethnic cooking), history books (Civil War will forever be a popular topic), audio books (ones read by a well-known celebrity do particularly well), and how-to books (people often want to know how to start their own business or make smart investing decisions).

You’ll also need a large amount of bubble envelopes. These are generally the best ways to ship your books. Once you get the order, ship the book the same day if possible. Seriously, don’t wait a few days. Stay on it and you’ll keep your customers happy and get those positive reviews/ratings pouring in.

A lot of this can be accomplished by working an hour or day or less. It’s one of the easiest ways to make some extra money, and you can do most of the work from your home! All just from working an hour a day. To learn more about becoming an online used book seller, read Used Books Into Gold.