Where to Find Used Books to Sell Online


Looking for used books to sell online

Looking for Used Books to Sell Online

If you love books and have always wanted to get paid for buying and selling used books online, consider starting an online bookstore. Thanks to Amazon.com and other online marketplaces for new and used books, it no longer takes thousands of dollars, a storefront and thousands of books to get into the game.

There are thousands of part-time booksellers that have carved out a profitable niche for themselves in the online bookseller’s world, specializing in areas like vintage comics, collectible books, even romance paperback novels.

If you’ve shopped for a book at Amazon.com recently, you’ve probably noticed all the used mass-market paperbacks, like John Grisham novels, selling for a penny or so, and wondered how anyone could make a living at those prices. The short answer is they can’t! But for every penny book, there are many used books listed – and selling for $5, $10 or $20. These tend to be “evergreen” books that remain popular because they cover timeless material, such as how to repair a VW beetle or finish concrete or invest in bonds.

Another factor driving the success of online used booksellers is the high price of new books. When a new book costs $29.95 and you can find a lightly used copy for $10 or $15, what do you do? If you’re like most, you go for the bargain. The sorry state of the economy over the last few year has only made it easier, not harder, to sell used books online, as more folks appreciate a bargain price.

Today, the world of online book selling is booming as brick and mortar stores fall victim to the double whammy of high overhead and online competition. To succeed as an online book seller, all you need to do is find sought-after books at a reasonable price and sell them online, while balancing your desire for incredible profits with the online shopper’s desire for incredible bargains!

Most beginning online booksellers should focus on newer used books, those published in the last two or three decades, rather than collectible and vintage books. Newer books are much easier to find, inexpensive to buy and easier to sell quickly. When you turn over your inventory quickly, you free up money and space for more books. After you’ve been selling for a while, you may want to explore the fascinating world of collectible books, but that niche requires more knowledge, capital and patience, due to slower turnover.

To succeed as an online bookseller, you must be able to find new inventory regularly. The good news is – used books are everywhere, if you know where to look. Here are a few of the best places to start looking:

 1. Library sales. These regular sales are held by almost every public library in the country, and can be a great resource for online re-sellers to find treasures at bargain prices. You’ll find ex-library books as well as books donated by patrons.

2. Garage and Yard sales. These can be a great way to find books for your inventory. As with any items you find at a garage or yard sale, never hesitate to make an offer. Like the old Yiddish saying – “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” The offer most likely to get accepted is for a lot of 6-30 books at half the asking price. Another technique used by savvy resellers is to stop back on the second day and offer to haul away unsold books for free.

3. Thrift shops. Skip the Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores, as they have started listing their own donated books online when prices warrant it. The best sources are the little thrift shops that support local churches, hospitals and other worthy causes. Most are only open a day or two a week. One in my area specializes in clothing, so the donated books were simply being thrown in a dumpster! You may find a similar bonanza in your town.

4. Bookstores. Check out all the book stores in your area for bargains, as there can be a wide gap between their used book prices and what the same book can bring on Amazon. I often find how-to books priced at $2 – $5 at bookstores that bring $10 – $25 when sold on Amazon.

5. Other online book sellers. Amazing as it may seem, you can often find bargains at online sources like half.com. I checked their web site today and found thousands of books listed for under a dollar.

6. Estate sales. For a source of bargain books, an estate sale is hard to beat. Often a deceased book lover’s lifetime collection of books will be available. Since heirs and estate auctioneers are not used to pricing individual books, prices can reflect that lack of knowledge. I’ve found leather-bound limited-editions passed down for two or three generations, rare art books and even vintage magazines and collectible comic books.

You’ll find estate sale notices in your local newspaper, but your best bet is an online web site, estatesales.org, which lists sales and auctions nationwide by state and town. Be sure to leave your business card with the estate liquidator at any sales or auctions you attend, as they often need to dispose of book lots that are too small for a formal sale or auction.

7. Free classified advertising. A free classified ad on craigslist.org or backpage.com can lead to a steady stream of used book bargains, usually before the public discovers them at a garage or estate sale. Two headlines that work well are: I BUY USED BOOKS and CASH PAID FOR BOOKS. Small classified ads also work well posted on community bulletin boards.

8. eBay. You’ll often find bargains at eBay if you search for “book lots” in sizes ranging from 3 books to hundreds. A recent find was a collection of Raggedy Ann children’s books that brought 10X their cost when sold individually on Amazon. Most retailers would love a 1,000% markup!


As you can see, finding plenty of used books to sell online can be easier if you know where and how to look. These eight tips will get you started if you’re ready to join the ranks of thousands of other part-time online booksellers who earn a steady income working four or five hours a week. To learn more about this fascinating but little-known business, read USED BOOKS INTO GOLD and OLD MAGAZINES INTO GOLD.



How to Make Money on eBay With Old Magazine Pages

Magazine Page With Norman Rockwell Cereal Ad

Magazine Page With Norman Rockwell Cereal Ad

At first glance, it doesn’t make sense that selling separate pages from old magazines could bring much higher prices than selling a complete issue of that same magazine on eBay. Here’s how it works.

When you buy used magazines at local estate and garage sales, it’s common to find damaged copies that are not acceptable to most collectors because of wear and tear, water stains or missing pages or covers,

In most businesses, there is only one place for damaged goods – the trash can. Not so when you’re selling old magazines. Many old magazines contain hidden treasure that can bring solid profits – one page at a time. That treasure is in the full-page ads or articles.

Because many of the older ads are collectible, especially those done by well-known artists and illustrators, there is a solid collector base for them. Ads for John Deere tractors, Planter’s Peanuts, Aunt Jemimah flour, Hathaway shirts and hundreds of others. Ads by a well known illustrator like Norman Rockwell or Jesse Willcox Smith are even more sought after, and can bring big prices, in some cases as much as a magazine cover by the same artist.

In addition to ads, articles in old magazines can bring hefty profits from collectors, especially those whose fascination with celebrities (usually deceased, like Elvis or Marilyn Monroe) drives them to buy almost any article in print about their favorite celebrity for their collection.

Why are people willing to pay high prices for a single ad or article, when they could buy the complete magazine? It’s simple really. Few people know how or where to find what they are looking for. For example, there is no way to know in advance if a magazine issue will have an ad for Studebaker cars, for example, or a Kellogg cereal ad created by Norman Rockwell. So it’s actually cheaper for them to pay an eBay seller for the specific item they are seeking.

Most full-page ads from older magazines sell for $10 and up. When you consider a single issue can contain ten or more full-page ads, that’s over $100 for just one issue, which you should be able to pick up at garage and estate sales for $1-$3 each. That amazing markup is one of the reasons why cutting out and selling old magazine ads can be so rewarding. To learn more about this fascinating “niche” eBay business, read Old Magazines Into Gold.



Are Old Magazines The Best eBay Niche Business?

Collectible Life Magazine

Collectible Life Magazine

Far too many eBay beginners make the mistake of trying to sell what everyone else is selling – the hottest, the latest fad or whatever is popular today or last week. It’s very hard to make money that way, as the competition is intense and profit margins are thin.

A better way to succeed is to find a “niche” where there are fewer sellers and a steady demand exists. eBay has made it possible for thousands of niche sellers to thrive because the eBay customer base is worldwide. Before the internet made e-commerce possible, sellers had to have a brick-and-mortar store or at least a printed catalog.

Today, you can sell unique products like collectible magazines out of a spare room, basement or garage. Your customers don’t care – they never see your “store”, just your online store at eBay.

Here’s why collectible magazines are the ideal “niche” business:

1. Profits are outstanding. Markups of 800% to 2,000% are normal. For example, it’s not uncommon to pick up old magazines at garage and estate sales for 25 cents each and sell them for $20 each on eBay. That’s an 8,000% markup!

2. There is an ample supply of old magazines available. Collectible copies of Life, Look, the Saturday Evening Post and more are readily available at bargain prices in almost every town. At it’s peak, Life magazine mailed over 8 million copies per issue. Many of those ended up in attics and garages, where they sit today, waiting for a savvy buyer to dust them off and list them on eBay.

3. Shipping is easy. Unlike electronics and other fragile items sold on eBay, magazines can be shipped in cheap bubble mailers costing pennies at low postal rates.

4. Boomers are buying “affordable nostalgia” that takes them back to their younger years. An issue of Life from the month you were born or growing up is still affordable at $20-$30. At those prices, anyone can afford to be a collector, or buy an issue as a gift for a friend or loved one.

With a solid collector base, limited competition and profit margins to die for, this niche is a natural for anyone looking for a steady, dependable income. A rarely-mentioned fringe benefit – collectible magazines have been steadily increasing in value for many years. One long-time seller maintains old magazines have done better than the stock market over the last 20 years! To learn more about this fascinating and profitable business, get a copy of Old Magazines Into Gold.



New Book Explains How to Turn Used Books Into Gold

How to Sell Used Books Online

How to Sell Used Books Online

In this tough economy we’re all looking to make some extra money or maybe start a new career. One of the best “shoestring startups” that is easy to start for just a few hundred dollars is selling used books online. With the economy the way it is, more and more people are buying their books used instead of new, and they’re buying a lot of books online.

Selling used books online is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It probably won’t help you buy an island or that yacht you’ve been eying. But through smart decisions it is possible to make a nice income with a used book business. Maybe you can use that money to start a college fund for your kids or save up for that dream vacation. It’s up to you.

Best of all, it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. In fact, you could work an hour a day if you want. Whatever fits your schedule. It can be a great part-time job for working professionals or retirees looking to make some extra money and keep showing off that entrepreneurial spirit.

To get you started and on your way in this exciting field is a new book from HeadStart Publishing, Used Books Into Gold. This easy-to-read manual will help teach you the skills to profitably sell used books online and become a top-seller on Amazon.

Amazon.com is the easiest and best way to sell used books online, so Used Books Into Gold focuses on that. Amazon does most of the work for you, and there are no signup costs or fees until you actually sell a book, and those fees are quite reasonable.

Used Books Into Gold tells you:

• How to buy books for pennies on the dollar and make a big profit

• How to price your books

• How to grade the condition of your books

• How to properly ship your books

• How to take advantage of Amazon sales ranks

Used Books Into Gold shares the trade secrets of successful used book sellers to get you off to a good start. It’s an easy read, one you can do in an afternoon, and is designed to get you into business before you know it. Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find inside:

• Where To Find Used Books

• Best Books To Buy

• Books To Avoid Buying

• Selling used books on Amazon.com

• Setting Up Your Business

• Wholesale book sources

• Selling Used Textbooks

Used Books Into Gold will get you selling used books on online within days of starting. Follow the suggestions and you’re sure to keep getting positive ratings/reviews from customers.

We’re all continually looking for a way to make some extra money or perhaps start a new career, and thankfully, Used Books Into Gold can give you the skills to do just that. Soon enough your used books will be selling like hotcakes, and you’ll see the profits rolling in.  Click here to learn more about starting your own used books business.



Is This The Perfect Part-Time Business For Retirees Who Love Books?

selling old books online is a perfect part-time retirement business

selling old books online is a perfect part-time retirement business

As a retiree, maybe you still have that entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you’d like to make some extra money, but then again, you’re not really interested in starting a new job. You like spending most days at home, and if you could be your own boss, well that’d be good. So what could be your part-time business? Selling used books online.

Being a used books seller is very easy and doesn’t take much time at all. Plus it can make you some nice profits. You can simply sell the books through Amazon, which doesn’t charge a fee until you actually sell a book. The fee is pretty reasonable too. Best of all, Amazon is one of the easiest and best places to sell books as they get a huge amount of web traffic everyday.

Now, here’s where your treasure-hunting skills will come in handy. You need to buy a good amount of books to sell. One of the best places to find books is estate sales, garage sales, and library sales. You can often get a ton of books for just pennies on the dollar. Generally, the people running these sales are eager to get rid of items. They’re cleaning out a house or just trying to get rid of things they no longer use, so they’re very likely to be willing to sell you an entire box of books for next to nothing – often less than a dollar a book.

Let’s say you bought 50 books. Well, you’ll need 50 envelopes to mail them. Bubble envelopes will generally work for every book you send. If you’re mailing larger or more fragile books, consider purchasing Easy Fold Mailer envelopes from Uline.com. They are made of cardboard, and adjust to the thickness of your book.

Now you’re ready to begin selling. Go to the Amazon web site, find the book you’d like to sell, and then click on “sell yours here.” Check prices of other books in similar condition to determine your price. Before you know it, you’ll be signed up to sell that book. Do this for each book and you’re in business! That’s it.

Now you can sit back and wait for the orders to come in. Catch up on some reading, watch some TV. Whatever you want! Once the orders come in, ship them promptly – the same day if possible. Already having your shipping materials will make it a lot easier to get them out the door quickly. You’ll keep your customers happy if they get their books quickly.

You love your new retired life, but you’d like to still make a little extra money. Selling used books online can help you do that. You’re the boss, and you decide what books you want to sell at what prices you want to sell them at. Before you know it, you could be on your way to success in the used books business. To learn more about selling used books online, read Used Books Into Gold.




Starting an Online Used Book Business in 6 Easy Steps

6 easy steps to starting an online used book business

Six Easy Steps

Selling used books is a great way to start a new business or just make some extra income. The used book business is booming as more and more people are buying used books to save money. The internet is one of the best places to buy books, and because of that, you don’t have to have a physical bookstore to see the profits come rolling in. Amazon.com is one of the top places to sell your books, so we’ll use that to show you how. Best of all, starting your online used book business is really quite easy. You can be on your way to success just by following these 6 easy steps:

1. Set up your business

It’s important to decide the legal structure of your business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation. Each choice has different risks and liabilities. Most book sellers choose the simplest structure, such as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Then get any required local business licenses.

2. Gather Books

Whew! Got that legal stuff out of the way. Now you can start buying books. Unless you’re using books from your personal collection, you’ll most likely have to go out and buy some books. Estate sales and garage sales are an excellent way to get a large number of books at reasonable prices. Wholesalers are another popular way. A1 Overstock and Book Depot are two excellent sources for bulk purchases of books. You often have to buy a minimum amount (such as $200), but this could be well worth it as a great way to get your used book business off the ground.

3. Grade and Price Books

When grading the condition of your books, be as honest as possible. To keep customers happy, keep those grades accurate and truthful. When pricing your books, don’t feel like you have to make your prices the cheapest around, especially if your book might be in better condition than some of the cheapest ones listed. One of the best ways to figure out your price is to discard the lowest and highest price you see on Amazon and then average the rest.

4. Buy Shipping Materials

You’ll need to buy a lot of bubble envelopes for mailing your books. If you’re mailing more expensive or fragile items, consider using an even higher level of protection. In most cases the bubble envelope will do just fine.

5. Sign up on Amazon.com

After you’ve gathered your books and shipping materials, you’re ready to begin selling your books! Sign up on Amazon.com by finding the book you wish to sell and clicking on the “sell yours here” button. Once the sale is made, ship the book promptly. Do this and you’ll be on your way to success as a used book seller.

6. Stay Organized

Lastly, stay organized. Develop your own system to keep track of all your books, so when a sale is made you don’t spend hours looking for the right book. You want to ship those books as quickly as possible, and having to go on a chase to find the book will only slow you down.


That was easy! In just 6 simple steps, you could be on your way to success in the used books business. To learn more about becoming a successful used book seller, read Used Books Into Gold.



Buy and Sell Used Magazines For Huge Profits on eBay

How to sell old magazines

How To Sell Old Magazines

How many garage sales were held in your town last weekend? If your town is anything like mine, there were a lot. That’s a good thing, because estate and garage sales are two of the best sources for collectible used magazines that can be bought for bargain prices from a dime to a dollar each. Many of these same magazines can bring prices of $6 to $20 each on eBay.

That may not seem like a lot of money, but remember that most garage and estate sales will yield dozens of old magazines, not just one or two. So for an easy hour of visiting local garage sales and a couple hours of listing the magazines on eBay, the profits can be quite large. It’s not at all uncommon for a fifty cent purchase at a garage sale to be worth $12 or more on eBay – a 2,400% profit!

You won’t have to find rare collectible magazines for those high markups either, as there are plenty of sought-after common magazines such as Life, Look, even Good Housekeeping that appeal to many buyers on eBay. They are looking for specific information about a person – Bobby Darrin, for example – or topic – antique refinishing or golf, for example, and are willing to pay well for any magazine issue that provides that information.

Another “niche” market that is growing fast is magazine issues purchased for personal gifts. For example, a copy of Life magazine on the date of a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day is a unique and treasured keepsake. One online seller charges a flat $29.95 for almost any issue date of Life magazine.

Although there is a collector base for almost any topic, it’s best to stick to the more popular topics to insure higher bids and multiple bids on your eBay listings. Here are a few of the hundreds of topics to get you started:


While dogs and cats are always popular, information about obscure pets such as snakes, rare livestock or butterflies will bring higher prices, as the information is harder to come by.


Collectors love magazine issues about aviation history, especially if it focuses on a specific airplane, such as the famous B29 bomber, kit planes or radio-controlled (RC) planes.


The older magazines are popular with history buffs, more so if an issue covers world wars or military history. Famous people that shaped history, like Ghandi, Winston Churchill or Joseph Stalin are also popular with collectors.

Movie & TV stars

There is a huge collector base who are happy to spend big bucks to get collectible issues about their favorite stars – from mega stars like Cary Grant or Madonna to lesser-known stars like Lawrence Harvey or the Monkees.


Name almost any sports star, from the greats of yesteryear, like Hank Aaron, to today’s greats, like skier Bode Miller, and you’ll find hundreds or thousands of collectors of hardcore fans who will pay for magazine issues that cover their personal heroes.

So the next time you hit the garage sale circuit in your town, look for hidden gold in those dusty stacks of used magazines. If you don’t see any magazines, ask the sellers, as the magazines are often not well-displayed. And don’t forget the estate sales, another prime hunting ground for collectible magazines. To learn more about this profitable business, read Old Magazines Into Gold.




Seven Easy Ways to Profit Selling Used Books on Amazon

Selling Old Books Online

Sell Used Books Online For Cash

So you’re ready to get in the used book business. You’ve heard how easy it is to sell books online (it is!) and you know that people these days are buying more used books than ever (with the economy in poor condition, this is a great way to save money), so you’re ready to begin selling used books on Amazon. You also know you want to make a good profit. Of course you do! So how can you do it? There are many ways, but here are seven to get you started:

1. Get your books for pennies on the dollar

Estate sales and garage sales are a great way to pick up a large amount of books for bargain prices. Consider offering a deal, such as, “I’ll pay you $50 for these 60 books,” and you’ll find most people are receptive as they’re mainly interested in getting rid of the books. Wholesalers are another place to buy larger quantities of books. You might have to buy a minimum amount, such as $200, but in the end this could lead to great profits.

2. Buy the right books

Some books simply sell better than others. Out-of-print non fiction books can be particularly valuable as long as the information is still relevant. That computer manual from 1981 probably won’t sell too many copies, but Economic Theory in Retrospect will. Children’s books, cookbooks, history books, and how-to books are also great sellers.

3. Price for Profits

When pricing your books, don’t feel you have to have the lowest prices around. When figuring out a price, a good way to decide your price is to look at the prices on Amazon, discard the lowest and highest price, and then take the average of the remaining prices. It won’t be the lowest or highest, but somewhere near the middle where you’ll be able to make a nice profit.

4. Grade accurately

You want to keep customers happy, so grade accurately. If the book’s spine is showing some wear, don’t say the book is “new.” If people feel like they’re getting what they paid for, they’re more likely to leave positive ratings that will help other people trust you as the seller to get their books from.

5. High sales rank

Some books have a high sales rank, meaning they don’t sell as quickly as those with a lower rating. These books also might be more expensive, but can also be sold for a higher price. If you can be patient, consider selling some of these and you’ll find yourself making a large profit.

6. Go “pro”

If you’re selling more than 40 books a month, it’s a good idea to go “pro” on Amazon. You’ll no longer have to pay the transaction fee of 99 cents, so your $39.99 a month pro-merchant membership will actually be cheaper. Plus, your listings don’t expire after 60 days, so you can keep the slow-selling books listed indefinitely.

7. Ship quickly

Once you get an order, ship it that day! If your customers receive their books quickly in the condition you said it would be in, they’ll be more likely to leave you a positive rating and use you again.

There are many ways to make big profits selling used books on Amazon. If you follow the 7 listed here, you should be on your way to making the money you want in the used books business. To learn more, read Used Books Into Gold.



Five Ways to Make 800% Profits With Old Magazines

How to sell used magazines

Sell Used Magazines for Profit

Many people have old magazines stored in a forgotten corner of the attic, garage or basement that are worth a tidy sum to the right buyer. Those in the know can turn turn that information into 800% to 2,000% profits. A stack of back issues of Life magazine, for example, can often be purchased at an estate sale or garage sale for fifty cents or a dollar each, and sold on eBay for ten to twenty dollars each. Even common magazines that are not collectible have value if the articles in that issue have appeal. If a magazine has how-to information about a hobby or solving a common problem, there are buyers that willingly pay for that information.

Other buyers are seeking magazine issues about a famous person – a celebrity, sports star or VIP. It could be anyone from movie star Natalie Wood to serial killer Ted Bundy. Serious buyers will often pay more for a collection of magazine clippings about a celebrity than for a magazine issue about them. For example, it’s not uncommon to see clipping collections about movie and music start, Madonna and David Bowie, for example, bring hundreds of dollars on eBay.

Here are five ways you can make money with old magazines.

1. Look for magazines with a celebrity on the cover. Famous people such as sports stars, movie start, well known artists and musicians even politicians and criminals are “hot” and collectors are scouting eBay for more material about their favorites. Surprisingly, lesser-known celebrities have minor “star power” and a fan base that is actively buying memorabilia online. It’s easy to find out if a celebrity is popular, just do an eBay search to see how many magazine issues and clippings are listed and how quickly they sell out. You’ll notice that successful sellers have detailed descriptions of each magazine issue, including articles and additional photos of the celebrity on the cover.

2. Older issues of a magazine bring higher prices than newer issues, so always be on the lookout for the early issues. First issues bring the highest price, followed by issues from the first year. It’s all about scarcity, as most magazines have a small circulation in the first year. Specialized magazines about a specific niche, like collectibles or hobbies such as pottery, woodworking or RC cars that are out of print are easier to sell online for above-average prices. Magazines with inserts, such as baseball trading cards (Sports Illustrated) or patterns (McCalls) bring premium prices as well.

3. Old magazine ads are collectible, so look for older magazines with ads for cars, beer, food products (Planter’s peanuts is a good example), tractor ads like John Deere, and a host of others. One full time dealer specializes in old full-page ads from early homemaking magazines like Good Housekeeping and McCalls. Framed or mounted, a full page ad can bring up to $60, or can be sold unmounted for $10-$20. Check eBay to see what’s selling now.

4. There are thousands of cover collectors who purchase only magazine covers done by well-known artists, illustrators or photographers. Norman Rockwell covers are the best known, and can bring over $100, but covers by lesser known illustrators are sought after as well. The illustrations of Jessie Willcox Smith, for example, who specialized in illustrations of children, bring high prices as well. The work of Alberto Vargas, known for his Playboy pinup girls, has a broad collector base.

5. Hard-to-find articles about hobbies sell well on eBay, if the information is not widely available. For instance, comprehensive how-to articles about building a henhouse or a wood rowing skiff can bring $10-$20. If you’re selling an article about a specific topic, like making fused glass, be sure to list it on eBay under “crafts”, as anyone searching eBay is more likely to search by topic than by magazine name.

There are hundreds of folks making a good part-time income selling old magazines online. Local garage and estate sales can produce a steady supply of inventory if you know what to look for. To learn more about buying and selling old magazines, read Old Magazines Into Gold.



3 Secrets of Selling Used Books Online

3 Secrets of Online Used Book Sellers

3 Secrets of Online Used Book Sellers

What is the difference between an online bookseller who struggles to make a profit and one whose sales and profits grow month by month? The difference is in the details, the everyday business decisions that can make or break any business. Here are a few secrets about selling used books online that can make a big difference in profits for you.

Sell the right books.

Not every book sells well. When you think of used books, you probably first think of fiction books. Perhaps all those old Tom Clancy novels will make you big profits. Unless they are signed by the author or have some other special distinction, they probably won’t make you much at all. Fiction books have flooded the market, and selling fiction simply won’t make you much money, as the prices are too low, so low you might only make a few pennies per book.

Also, don’t waste your time selling used computer books. Due to the pace of change in the technology field, they are outdated in just a few months. Encyclopedias are also not profitable. These days, people use online encyclopedias, so unless if you have a collectible set sure to bring in a good profit, it’s best to avoid these.

Instead, stick to history books, such as ones covering the Civil War or World War II. Or how about specialized cookbooks that offer vegetarian recipes or ethnic cooking. Those can be quite popular. And you can’t forget about how-to books as there is always a need to learn how to fix a car or a leaky sink.

Buy right.

Think about where you get your books. Garage and estate sales can be a goldmine. Often the people running these sales are just eager to get rid of the stuff. You can often get a box of books for next to nothing. Make them an offer to take the whole collection off their hands. Chances are good they’ll accept it. In that collection there might be books that would cost you several dollars at a used bookstore, but you got it at the estate sale for 50 cents.

Pricing used books.

Another secret is not necessarily listing your books at the lowest possible price. Higher priced books can and do sell well. A little bit higher price and you stand to make a larger profit. Use other listings to determine the best price for the book and condition.

Finally, don’t be afraid of selling books with a high sales rank on Amazon. A high sales rank means they sell a lot slower and generally sell fewer copies. If you can be patient, you can probably sell one for a pretty high price and make a nice profit too.

By making smart choices you could be a top seller in the used book business. Buy the books that move, which puts money in your pocket. You don’t have to have the lowest priced book to sell it. Some books might take longer to sell, but can make you a nice profit. Using these secrets effectively can grow your book selling business. To learn more, read Used Books Into Gold.