Earn Extra Cash Selling Old Magazines on eBay

Earn Extra Cash Selling Old Magazines on eBay

800% Profits With Collectible Magazines

In recent years, sales of collectible magazines has been booming, thanks to the “nostalgia wave.” This huge wave of buyers, most of them baby boomers, is looking for ways to re-connect with their youth, when life was better, the pace was slower and anything was possible. Old magazines are a perfect way to do this, and prices are still quite affordable. Whether it’s a Beatles fan looking for an issue of Life magazine from the 60s or a vet looking for magazine issues about military history, there’s an issue – or several – just for them.

Best of all, most of the back issues of old magazines can be found online, at sites like eBay or other online stores devoted entirely to collectible magazines. This easy access to old magazines has brought thousands of new buyers into the marketplace and dramatically increased both the demand for old magazines and the opportunities for new dealers.

Buying and selling old, collectible magazines is a simple business that can be started on a shoestring. Because old magazines are stashed away in attics, basements and garages everywhere, a “newbie” in a small town in Wisconsin or Texas has the same opportunities as an established dealer. Many dealers have started with an investment of just a few hundred dollars.

More dealers list their magazines on eBay than anywhere else. As Willie Sutton once said when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is!” It takes just a few minutes to set up an eBay account and start listing old magazines. Sales can even start the first day if you offer the “buy it now” option to shoppers.

There are three proven ways to profit selling used magazines on eBay. The first and most common way is to sell individual issues. Collectors are either looking for a specific issue, the July 1972 issue of the Saturday Evening Post, for example, or searching by topic. They may be looking for issues about a famous person, like Robert Kennedy or Martin Luther King, or about science, woodworking or model railroading. That’s why it is important to describe an issue wheel in your listing, including at least the headlines of the major articles in that issue and a cover photo.

The second way is to sell “runs” of several issues of the same magazine. This works particularly well for newer magazines that are not as popular with collectors. A run could be just a few issues of a magazine, People or Sports Illustrated, for example or all the issues from a particular year.

The last and often the most profitable way to sell old magazines is to set aside the less than high quality issues when you are sorting. A rip on the cover or a water stain could make an issue an ideal candidate for “ripping.” Folks who cut or tear out individual pages, usually full-page ads or articles, are called “rippers” in the used magazine business. Due to the growing demand by collectors, old magazine ads can bring as much as $10-$12 each on eBay – that’s $100 to $150 from just one magazine!

There are other ways to make money from old magazines as well, such as bundling and selling clippings about famous people or selling mounted or framed copies of collectible magazine covers that are in the public domain. To learn more about this fascinating and very profitable business, read Old Magazines Into Gold.