Top 10 FAQs About Selling Used Books & Magazines Online

Top 10 FAQs About Selling Used Books & Magazines Online

Top 10 FAQs about selling used books and magazines online

1. How much does it cost to start an online book business?

It is possible to start with just a few hundred dollars. Most of the startup expense covers buying a basic inventory of books or magazines to sell online, with only a small amount for shipping supplies. Of course, you’ll need a decent computer with an internet connection.

2. Which is more profitable – selling used books online or selling used magazines online?

You can make good money with both used books and used magazines. The online marketplace for used books is much larger than for used magazines, so there are more opportunities for new sellers. Those who specialize in a niche, like Life or other popular magazines, or “rippers,” who sell individual magazine pages – usually full-page ads – have higher profit margins than booksellers.

3. What is the earnings potential for an online book business?

It’s really up to you. Many online book sellers are content to work just a few hours a month to supplement regular wages or retirement income. Others take the plunge and start a full-time book business online, where six-figure incomes are commonplace.

4. Where do I find used books and magazines to sell?

The best place to start is right where you live, at local estate and garage sales. Check your local newspaper for upcoming sales, or better yet, visit: www.estatesales.net for listings by state and town. Our books, Used Books Into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold, list dozens of resources, such as remainder book wholesalers, for finding all the used and vintage books and magazines for your online book and magazine business.

5. What are the best books to sell online?

Focus on the books with the best markups and strong demand, such as specialized history books, how to books, self-improvement books and professional and technical books. Used Books Into Gold lists many more types of profitable books, as well as how to price them correctly.

6. What are the best used magazines to sell online?

The most profitable used and vintage magazines are those that have strong collector demand, such as Life or Saturday Evening Post. Others, such as Fortune, are sought after for their collectible full-page ads. Collectors are willing to pay top dollar for magazine issues with classic full page ads, like Ronald Reagan pitching Chesterfield cigarettes, or an article by a famous author or illustrator. A good example would be any of the vintage magazines with a cover or interior illustrations by well-known artist, Norman Rockwell.

7. What is a book scouter?

That’s industry slang for anyone who is out “scouting” for books to re-sell at a library, estate or garage sale. Serious scouters will often be seen using smart phones to check online prices on a book before buying it at the sale.

8. What are the best online sites to sell used books?

With millions of customers, Amazon is the hands-down favorite for used books. I’ve listed books on Amazon and sold them within an hour after listing them! There are other online resources as well, which work well for specialized, rare or collectible books, but for a quick sale, Amazon is hard to beat.

9. What is the best online site for selling used or collectible magazines or comic books?

As Amazon is for used books, eBay is for used, collectible or vintage magazines. In addition, many sellers use eBay to sell their single-page magazines ads – a lucrative niche that can turn a 50 cent garage sale find into 10-20 “ripped” ad pages that bring $10 to $15 each when sold to collectors.

10. How much inventory do I need to start selling used books and magazines online?

You can get started with just a few books or magazines and keep adding to your inventory as you find it at local sales or wholesalers. I started with just a few dozen books from my own collection. It takes less room than you might think – my “inventory” of over 2,000 books takes up about 14 feet of wall space.

The secret to success as an online book seller is turnover. Keep moving inventory with realistic prices and avoid “dogs” when you are buying at sales. To learn how to do that, as well as dozens of other “tricks of the trade,” read Used Books Into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold. You could be in business tomorrow!