How to Make Money Selling Used Books Online

Profitable Comic Books

Profitable Comic Books

In this poor economy, more and more people are buying used books instead of new copies. And thanks to the internet, more and more are buying those books online. As a used book seller, you stand a great chance of making a nice profit. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. You probably won’t be buying a beach house in Hawaii thanks to the money you make from selling used books, but instead you’ll make a nice part-time income or perhaps turn it into a great new career. is in most cases the best place to sell used books online, so we’ll focus on that as where you’ll be selling your books. There are other online booksellers, but more readers and buyers shop Amazon, so you should go where the customers are.

The first step is having the right books to sell. Not all books sell well. Here are the types of books that you’ll have a good chance to sell at a profit:

Cookbooks – specialized cookbooks in particular sell well, such as ethnic cooking or vegan recipes.

How-to books – people always need to learn how to repair a car or their house or get a business up and running.

Audio books – as people are continually on the go, listening to a book in the car or while at their desk is a popular thing to do. These titles can be especially popular if they are read by a well-known celebrity or cover a popular topic like weight loss.

Unusual materials – those old comic books that have been sitting in the attic could bring you a nice profit. Or how about those old video games and guides.


There are several types of books you probably want to avoid buying and selling:

Computer books – these get outdated fast. Really fast. Seriously, one is becoming outdated as you read this. Hint – can you say windows vista?

Fiction – selling a fiction book that everyone and their grandma is selling (that new John Grisham paperback for instance) will make you barely any money at all.

Encyclopedias – most people use encyclopedias online, so physical copies have little value, unless if it’s a collectible set.

Art books – these are hard to sell and generally expensive to ship due to their large size.

In order to make the most money, you need to set good prices. Don’t feel like you need to pick the lowest price possible. You can find a good price by looking at the prices available on Amazon, ignoring the lowest and highest price, and averaging the remaining prices.

Also, pay attention to books that have a high sales rank, meaning they don’t sell too fast. These can often sell for a higher price than one with a low sales rank. You just might have to be patient.

As with any business, you might have to experiment before you find what works for you, but these examples should help you get off to a strong start in the used books business. Buy the right books, set smart prices, and try selling books with a high sales rank. Do these things and you could be on your way to success as a used books seller. To learn more about selling used books online, read Used Books Into Gold.