How To Start Selling Old Magazines Online for Under $500


Selling old magazines- also called vintage magazines – online is a profitable and rewarding way to make a good extra income without investing a lot of time or money. In fact, it is possible to get started selling old magazines online for under $500.

Why old magazines? Unlike expensive collectibles, old magazines from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s are still affordable. Plus, boomers are eager buyers of old magazine issues about their younger years, and this “nostalgia wave” is getting bigger every year, as the boomers become seniors. There are also a lot of collectors looking for special issues about their area of interest, whether it’s movie stars or military history.

The best and easiest place to sell old magazines online is on eBay. When most collectors look for old magazines, they turn to eBay as a reliable source, so that’s where you want to list your old magazines. Best of all, it costs almost nothing to get started on eBay and the selling fees are quite reasonable, considering your exposure to millions of potential customers.

Finding old magazines is easy, as many of the most popular collectible magazines mailed millions of copies every month. Life magazine, for example, was sending out eight million magazines each week to subscribers in the 60s. Garage sales and estate sales are a good way to find large quantities of used magazines for reasonable prices. To get an even better deal, consider offering a “take it all away” price to the seller, such as “I’ll take all 120 magazines for $40,” as this allows you to build up your inventory at rock-bottom prices.

When you buy “bulk lots” of multiple magazines, you will often find damaged issues – usually a damaged cover. Not to worry – here’s how to profit from these too. Most vintage magazines contain 10-20 full-page ads that collectors love and will buy for $8 – $10 each. That’s as much as complete issues of some magazines, for just one page! Just one damaged magazine could bring as much as $200 when sold by the page.

Knowing how to price old magazines is important, as some special issues are worth 10 times more than “common” issues. Here’s a sampling of what to look for:

  • Look for popular product ads – Coca Cola, for example, or Planter’s Peanuts.

  • Look for special issues featuring celebrities or sports stars with “star power”, like Joe Dimaggio or Winston Churchill.

  • Look for well-known photographers or illustrators, like Richard Avedon or Norman Rockwell.

  • Look for a “Hot Topic,” like military history or Elvis.

Unlike fine china or collectible dolls, old magazines are the ideal collectible for easy and safe storage and shipping. A basic bubble envelope with a cardboard stiffener will insure the magazine arrives safely at your customer’s mailbox, and the cost of shipping is very affordable.

With growing demand from collectors and nostalgia buffs, and no shipping hassles, old magazines are the ideal product for an online business. To learn more about this profitable business, read Old Magazines Into Gold