If You Can Spare an Hour or Two a Day, Here’s How to Make $300 to $500 Every Week… Selling Used Books Online

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How would you like a part-time home business that’s fun, profitable and easy to start ?

Let me help you set up your own spare time business this week, selling used books and magazines online. You don’t need experience or computer know-how. In two complete start-up guides, Used Books into Gold and Old Magazines Into Gold, you’ll learn my proven step-by-step system, with everything you need to make money right away. I’ll show you what books  and magazines to sell, where to find them and how to sell them. You’ll also learn which books and magazines to stay away from….. avoiding this one mistake alone could double your profits!

How I stumbled into this business

A few years ago, I went to a local estate sale, and found three boxes of books in the basement. There were just a few I wanted, but the cashier said the books could only be sold as a package, for the marked price of $60. So, to get the six books I really wanted, I bought the lot. A friend had told me about selling books on Amazon, so I gave it a try.

Imagine my surprise when most of the books from that estate sale were sold in less than a month! I added up my orders, and found I had made a $736 profit for a couple hours work. And before that, I knew nothing about selling books, nothing about online business and nothing about selling on Amazon.

Now I make a comfortable extra income selling used books on Amazon. It’s gotten a lot easier now that I’ve learned – with a lot of mistakes along the way – the right way. And you can profit from my mistakes – and likely make a lot more money if you follow my simple plan.

You don’t need a lot of money. You’ve probably got a few books at home that you can sell on Amazon. You can list your first book in less than 15 minutes. Even if you have no books to sell, I’ll show you how to find the best books to sell for a dollar or so each – and sell them for $10 to $20 each!

You won’t need a lot of storage space. Just a few shelves or a corner of a room will do. My guide will show you how to find the books that sell faster and move off your shelves to make room for new ones.

This is an ideal home business. Once you list a book, the rest is automatic. I still get a thrill out of turning on my computer in the morning and finding I’ve sold $200 worth of books overnight!

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and “bubble bags” to pack your sold books!

But please don’t go to Amazon and try to do this alone! It is really easy, but not nearly as profitable as learning from a pro first. When I started, I bought the wrong books – paid too much for some of them – and ended up taking a few boxes down to the local thrift shop. With the insider secrets in Used Books into Gold, you’ll know the proven bestsellers and how to price them to sell fast, and at a profit.

“Now I know what books actually sell successfully. Thanks for not trying to make someone believe that they will be an instant millionaire. I made a respectable $350 last week, with about four hours work.” Kathy Williams – Oklahoma

What About Competition?

Don’t worry, there are millions of books out there, and millions of eager book buyers looking for those special books. Over $8 billion worth of used books are sold in the U.S. and Canada every year – everything from romance novels to textbooks to how-to books. The possibilities are almost endless. According to a recent report, the market for used books is growing 30 percent a year.

It’s important to know the fastest growing market for used books is “how-to” books, not “rare” or “first edition” books. You don’t need to know which how-to books. I’ll show you a simple way to find the best and most profitable how-to books. And the best part is – these books are everywhere. I’ll show you five ways to find plenty of them right in your area.

“I have sold several books already and only wish I had learned about this earlier. Found books for under a dollar that are listed or sold for $40-$60, with two sold at $80 and $125. Thank you for getting the wheels started!” Carlos Bombino – Texas

How you could make $80 from a $2 book

Amazon sells millions of books each year. Most – nine out of ten – are new. But one of every ten books they sell is used. If you browse their web site, you’ll find many books listed as out of print or unavailable new. So the only option for someone who wants a book that’s scarce or out-of-print is to buy used. This can push prices up in a hurry. Here are just a few examples.

  • I found this one at a garage sale, priced at $2 (The Perfect Investment, by Lowell Miller) and sold it on Amazon for $60 three days later.
  • I found Healing Powers of Chinese Herbs at a local thrift shop for $1. Within a month, it sold on Amazon for $150.
  • I went to an estate sale in a nearby town, where I bought a four volume set of carpentry books from 1915 for $5. The set sold in a week for $80.

Now I go “book hunting” at least twice a month, then list my buys at Amazon when I get home. It’s a great feeling to get those e-mails from Amazon with the headline: SOLD – SHIP NOW! I’ve made money with used diet books, investing books, history books, text books and reference books and many others. In Used Books Into Gold, you’ll learn exactly which ones sell and which ones to avoid.

And it’s nice to know a multi- billion dollar company, Amazon, is helping you every step of the way. Why not? They make money when you do, with a small commission on each book sold.

Here are a few of the “inside secrets”you’ll learn in the guide.

  1. How to sign up as an Amazon bookseller in less than 10 minutes.
  2. How to buy books for pennies apiece in your town, and sell them for 1,000 percent profits.
  3. Never buy these books! You’ll learn how to avoid these “dogs.”
  4. Bestselling books that are always in high demand at Amazon.
  5. How to use a special 10 digit number to guarantee a profit on the books you buy.
  6. How to save on postage when you ship books.
  7. How to profit from used text books that students have to buy for classes.
  8. Wholesale sources for books and shipping supplies.
  9. Three rules for getting great feedback. Follow these simple tips and you’ll eliminate negative feedback.

Can You Spare One Hour a Day?

If you can spare just one hour a day, you could be making an extra $300 to $500 a week. With more time, you’ll make even more. It’s up to you how much you earn. You can easily turn this into a full time business and make a great living. But if you only want to earn a few hundred extra each week, you can do it. Like Nancy Griffin, in Modesto, California, who wrote:

“Thanks to your easy-to-understand guide, Used Books Into Gold, I was able to get started in one evening with a dozen books from a local thrift shop. They sold quickly, for a profit of $186. Now I look for books every Saturday, and average over $600 a week just in my spare time. Just the list of books to avoid in your guide must have saved me hundreds of dollars.”

If you like the idea of selling books online from home, now is the time to start. Here’s why:

  1. You can start for under $100.
  2. The market for used books is unlimited.
  3. Recession – proof. When the economy is slow, used books sell better.
  4. High profit margins.
  5. Books are easy to store and ship.


“Your book is just the right size to be useful, so I don’t have to read through hundreds of pages. It was quick and easy to get started, just like you said. Total cost to start was $150, including over a hundred books purchased at an estate sale for $60!” Mary Jensen – Wisconsin


Here’s what you’ll learn in the “Used Books Into Gold” guide.

  • Where to find all the used books you can sell – right in your area.
  • How to guarantee a profit on each book you buy – before you buy it.
  • The best books to buy – and which ones to avoid.
  • How to find brand new books – at up to 90 percent discounts.
  • How to quickly sell your books online.
  • How to price your books for maximum profits.
  • How to keep your customers happy.
  • How to sell certain books “one page at a time” for amazing profits.
  • The best way to set up your book selling business.
  • Wholesale resources for everything from new books to free business cards.

Order “Used Books Into Gold” and Old Magazines Into Gold now, and start making money tomorrow.

There has never been an easier way to set up your own home book and magazine selling business for such a low cost. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you make your first profits. The thrill of that first email from Amazon with the headline: Sold – Ship Now , or when you find a box of books at a garage sale that will bring ten times what you paid for it.


Start a New Chapter with your Used Book Business!

There has never been an easier way to set up your own home book and magazine selling business for such a low cost. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you make your first profits.

Used Books Into Gold is an e-book, delivered instantly upon purchase. You can start reading and learning right now, even if it’s 2 a.m.

If you prefer a printed copy, you can print out the book on your printer and put it in a 3-ring binder for easy reading. You will still have the full-color e-book with all the links to resources. No printer? No problem. Just email the book to your local copy shop, and they can print it for you.

Of course, there is no risk to you. If you decide it’s not right for you, just let us know within 30 days, and you’ll have a full refund, no questions asked.

used magazines into gold

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