3 Secrets of Selling Used Books Online

3 Secrets of Online Used Book Sellers

3 Secrets of Online Used Book Sellers

What is the difference between an online bookseller who struggles to make a profit and one whose sales and profits grow month by month? The difference is in the details, the everyday business decisions that can make or break any business. Here are a few secrets about selling used books online that can make a big difference in profits for you.

Sell the right books.

Not every book sells well. When you think of used books, you probably first think of fiction books. Perhaps all those old Tom Clancy novels will make you big profits. Unless they are signed by the author or have some other special distinction, they probably won’t make you much at all. Fiction books have flooded the market, and selling fiction simply won’t make you much money, as the prices are too low, so low you might only make a few pennies per book.

Also, don’t waste your time selling used computer books. Due to the pace of change in the technology field, they are outdated in just a few months. Encyclopedias are also not profitable. These days, people use online encyclopedias, so unless if you have a collectible set sure to bring in a good profit, it’s best to avoid these.

Instead, stick to history books, such as ones covering the Civil War or World War II. Or how about specialized cookbooks that offer vegetarian recipes or ethnic cooking. Those can be quite popular. And you can’t forget about how-to books as there is always a need to learn how to fix a car or a leaky sink.

Buy right.

Think about where you get your books. Garage and estate sales can be a goldmine. Often the people running these sales are just eager to get rid of the stuff. You can often get a box of books for next to nothing. Make them an offer to take the whole collection off their hands. Chances are good they’ll accept it. In that collection there might be books that would cost you several dollars at a used bookstore, but you got it at the estate sale for 50 cents.

Pricing used books.

Another secret is not necessarily listing your books at the lowest possible price. Higher priced books can and do sell well. A little bit higher price and you stand to make a larger profit. Use other listings to determine the best price for the book and condition.

Finally, don’t be afraid of selling books with a high sales rank on Amazon. A high sales rank means they sell a lot slower and generally sell fewer copies. If you can be patient, you can probably sell one for a pretty high price and make a nice profit too.

By making smart choices you could be a top seller in the used book business. Buy the books that move, which puts money in your pocket. You don’t have to have the lowest priced book to sell it. Some books might take longer to sell, but can make you a nice profit. Using these secrets effectively can grow your book selling business. To learn more, read Used Books Into Gold.