Seven Easy Ways to Profit Selling Used Books on Amazon

Selling Old Books Online

Sell Used Books Online For Cash

So you’re ready to get in the used book business. You’ve heard how easy it is to sell books online (it is!) and you know that people these days are buying more used books than ever (with the economy in poor condition, this is a great way to save money), so you’re ready to begin selling used books on Amazon. You also know you want to make a good profit. Of course you do! So how can you do it? There are many ways, but here are seven to get you started:

1. Get your books for pennies on the dollar

Estate sales and garage sales are a great way to pick up a large amount of books for bargain prices. Consider offering a deal, such as, “I’ll pay you $50 for these 60 books,” and you’ll find most people are receptive as they’re mainly interested in getting rid of the books. Wholesalers are another place to buy larger quantities of books. You might have to buy a minimum amount, such as $200, but in the end this could lead to great profits.

2. Buy the right books

Some books simply sell better than others. Out-of-print non fiction books can be particularly valuable as long as the information is still relevant. That computer manual from 1981 probably won’t sell too many copies, but Economic Theory in Retrospect will. Children’s books, cookbooks, history books, and how-to books are also great sellers.

3. Price for Profits

When pricing your books, don’t feel you have to have the lowest prices around. When figuring out a price, a good way to decide your price is to look at the prices on Amazon, discard the lowest and highest price, and then take the average of the remaining prices. It won’t be the lowest or highest, but somewhere near the middle where you’ll be able to make a nice profit.

4. Grade accurately

You want to keep customers happy, so grade accurately. If the book’s spine is showing some wear, don’t say the book is “new.” If people feel like they’re getting what they paid for, they’re more likely to leave positive ratings that will help other people trust you as the seller to get their books from.

5. High sales rank

Some books have a high sales rank, meaning they don’t sell as quickly as those with a lower rating. These books also might be more expensive, but can also be sold for a higher price. If you can be patient, consider selling some of these and you’ll find yourself making a large profit.

6. Go “pro”

If you’re selling more than 40 books a month, it’s a good idea to go “pro” on Amazon. You’ll no longer have to pay the transaction fee of 99 cents, so your $39.99 a month pro-merchant membership will actually be cheaper. Plus, your listings don’t expire after 60 days, so you can keep the slow-selling books listed indefinitely.

7. Ship quickly

Once you get an order, ship it that day! If your customers receive their books quickly in the condition you said it would be in, they’ll be more likely to leave you a positive rating and use you again.

There are many ways to make big profits selling used books on Amazon. If you follow the 7 listed here, you should be on your way to making the money you want in the used books business. To learn more, read Used Books Into Gold.