Is This The Perfect Part-Time Business For Retirees Who Love Books?

selling old books online is a perfect part-time retirement business

selling old books online is a perfect part-time retirement business

As a retiree, maybe you still have that entrepreneurial spirit. Maybe you’d like to make some extra money, but then again, you’re not really interested in starting a new job. You like spending most days at home, and if you could be your own boss, well that’d be good. So what could be your part-time business? Selling used books online.

Being a used books seller is very easy and doesn’t take much time at all. Plus it can make you some nice profits. You can simply sell the books through Amazon, which doesn’t charge a fee until you actually sell a book. The fee is pretty reasonable too. Best of all, Amazon is one of the easiest and best places to sell books as they get a huge amount of web traffic everyday.

Now, here’s where your treasure-hunting skills will come in handy. You need to buy a good amount of books to sell. One of the best places to find books is estate sales, garage sales, and library sales. You can often get a ton of books for just pennies on the dollar. Generally, the people running these sales are eager to get rid of items. They’re cleaning out a house or just trying to get rid of things they no longer use, so they’re very likely to be willing to sell you an entire box of books for next to nothing – often less than a dollar a book.

Let’s say you bought 50 books. Well, you’ll need 50 envelopes to mail them. Bubble envelopes will generally work for every book you send. If you’re mailing larger or more fragile books, consider purchasing Easy Fold Mailer envelopes from They are made of cardboard, and adjust to the thickness of your book.

Now you’re ready to begin selling. Go to the Amazon web site, find the book you’d like to sell, and then click on “sell yours here.” Check prices of other books in similar condition to determine your price. Before you know it, you’ll be signed up to sell that book. Do this for each book and you’re in business! That’s it.

Now you can sit back and wait for the orders to come in. Catch up on some reading, watch some TV. Whatever you want! Once the orders come in, ship them promptly – the same day if possible. Already having your shipping materials will make it a lot easier to get them out the door quickly. You’ll keep your customers happy if they get their books quickly.

You love your new retired life, but you’d like to still make a little extra money. Selling used books online can help you do that. You’re the boss, and you decide what books you want to sell at what prices you want to sell them at. Before you know it, you could be on your way to success in the used books business. To learn more about selling used books online, read Used Books Into Gold.